Dai Sup Han is Henry and Sunny’s nephew. His wife is Jill Han. Their children are Caleb and Karah.

Dai Sup Han

I have many fond memories of Aunt Sun Boo & Uncle Henry, especially during the Southern California dinner gatherings in the 1980s, 1990s & into the 2000s. My sisters Soon Mi, Yoon Mi & I would take turns driving our Mom Sun Ja (Aunt Sun Boo’s younger sister) to the numerous Lee Family socials hosted by Uncle Myungho, Aunt Songza & Cousin Heijin. My wife Jill & I enjoyed catching up with Aunt Sun Boo & Uncle Henry as well as cousins David, Carol & Michael around great Korean food. They would ask about our lives & how our Mom was being cared for, demonstrating their genuine care & concern for us. When Karah & Caleb were added to our family, they were eager to interact with them. Uncle Henry frequently directed our conversations with his wit & humor. Early on, I became the self-appointed photographer and Aunt Sun Boo would usually ask for prints in the mail as we said our goodbyes. I still have many photos & truly miss those days of regular hangouts & simply enjoying uncles, aunts & cousins.  Thank you Uncle Henry & Aunt Sun Boo for blessing & encouraging me throughout my life. I love you both!

Karah Han

Although our family doesn’t live in California anymore, whenever we traveled back, we would visit Uncle Henry and Auntie Sun Boo at their home or share a meal with them somewhere. I was very blessed to be able to be a recipient of their generous hospitality, Auntie Sun Boo’s delicious cooking, and their company. It was always special to hear their stories about my dad’s extended family, and to hear my dad talk about his memories with them.

Caleb Han

Uncle Henry and Auntie Sun Boo were always joyful and welcoming. When I would see them they would always ask me how school was going and showed genuine interest in my life. Their sweet spirits will always be remembered. May they Rest In Peace.

Jill Han

Our family’s most recent visit to Southern California was in December 2019.  During that trip, we shared a wonderful meal (prepared by Auntie Sally and Heijin) with Uncle Henry and Auntie Sun Boo at Uncle Myung Ho’s home. After lunch, I remember snapping a few photos, including one of Uncle Myung Ho, Dai Sup, and Uncle Henry plus another of Auntie Sun Boo with Dai Sup, Karah and Caleb. Uncle Henry specifically asked me to send him the pictures and even gave me his cell number so I could. Later on, our kids were dropped off at a nearby movie theater and Dai Sup and I had the rare opportunity to take them back to their home in Irvine. I was mindful during that car ride of how unique it was—exclusive time with Uncle Henry and Auntie Sun Boo. Dai Sup and Uncle Henry sat in the front; Auntie Sun Boo and I in the back. We chatted about this and that. Uncle Henry may have napped a bit. I remember both of their voices and ways of speaking and I remember Auntie’s laugh. 

The one quality that stands out to me most about Uncle and Auntie is their generosity. On many occasions, I was handed an envelope with a monetary gift inside with instructions to use it for the kids. Just a month ago, a card arrived by mail from them with a generous graduation gift for Caleb. They took our family out for meals and ordered huge amounts of delicious food for us to enjoy. Once, the restaurant we were headed to was located next to a bakery. Uncle Henry went inside and didn’t just buy a few pastries for our family but an entire box full. 

When we drove up in front of their home that December day, we said our goodbyes and they invited us to come in “next time.”  There is not going to be a next time this side of heaven. But how grateful I am for that car ride and for the many other times through the years that we had with Uncle Henry and Auntie Sun Boo. They were loved and will be truly missed.