View Henry and Sunny’s memorial service from March 13, 2021.

If you missed the memorial service, feel free to download and print an image of a white Chrysanthemum to participate in your own “Flower Ceremony” at home. Print an image of one of the flowers below, then take a moment to reflect on your relationship with Henry and Sunny, and imagine placing the flower into their casket. After, you may keep the image as a symbolic marker of the service.

Thank you to all those who attended the virtual memorial service. Please read the stories and memories below from those who attended the Zoom to further learn how deep their roots have grown.

Ramki and Geetha Ramkrishnas

Our heartfelt condolences to the Lim family with cherished memories of Henry and Sunny Lim whom we loved dearly. This memorial from all of you Lims has been one big emotional experience! Ramki and Geetha

Paul Siegfried

Praying for friends to comfort you, faith to uphold you, and loving memories to help you smile again. I am a friend of David’s from Purdue. We worked on the Exponent newspaper together.

Isaac, Sujean, Elliott, and Benjamin Watras

These are some amazing pictures.  Much love from Cincinnati.  Isaac (Melia’s brother), Sujean, Elliott, Benjamin are here wishing all of you the best.  Our prayers are with you during this difficult time.

Tracy Maple

Sending love and strength for now and always.

Ellen Chang

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos of your family with us. I hope your memories help you through the tough days ahead.

Henry Kin

I remember Mrs. Lim faithfully participating in my violin talent shows in 5th & 6th grade, providing piano accompaniment. I had stage fright but Mrs. Lim was always patient & encouraging, & helped me get through both shows with ease. During New Years Eve in 1988, Dr. Lim taught me how to count seconds in a clock accurately without having a watch or clock nearby.

These are just a few of the lessons, big & small, the Lims taught me throughout my growing up. I’ll always remember their faithfulness, kindness & being a second family to me.  Much love, prayers & condolences to the Lim family.

Valerie Jones

Sending love and prayers that you may always feel their love and guidance supporting you.

Janine Le

Prof. Lim was such a dear and caring Professor and a good mentor.  He will truly be missed. Rest in Peace Prof. Lim and Mrs. Lim. Blessings to you ALL!!! God bless you all.

Paul Lim and Shirley, Eli, and Evan

Uncle Henry and Aunt Sunny always made me laugh growing up. And in my adulthood, they were always there to make sure the Lims were represented after my dad’s passing. I’m so thankful for their generosity and spirit. Our thoughts are with you David, Carol, and Michael.

Brande and Langston Watras

Sending our deepest condolences and love

Linda and Elias Franses

We remember his sense of humor and Sunny’s excellent cooking. We were so touched by the love in her family. David and Michael reminded us so much of Henry. They were always vivid in our memory.

Cathy Christle Kolar

Grew up in West Lafayette, IN with the Lims.  Wonderful memories of them all.  I am now in Denver, CO.

Garrett, Mary, and Jay Stanley

We are longtime friends of Carol, Tom, Natalie, and Lanie, and we think the world of them. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Such beautiful tributes, stories, memories to honor two incredible human beings.

Brad, Kim, Ben, and Matthew Grimes

These photos are wonderful reminders of Uncle Henry’s and Aunt Sunboo’s full and fruitful lives.  We will miss their loving presence. It was a beautiful service.  Love to you all.

Yi-San Chang-Yen

Prof. Lim was such a kind and thoughtful professor to the Department staff at UCI. We will treasure our memories with him and Mrs. Lim.

Janice Verkerke

Love the pics.  Love the family.  Uncle Henry was my dad’s brother.  From Jan in Plymouth MI.

Katelyn Yam

Mentorship definitely runs in the family…. Sending loving and peaceful energy to the Lims – Katie, one of many mentees of David’s.

Nancy Da Silva

Henry was a wonderful mentor and friend for many years in the department. I joined in 1988 (one year after he came to UCI) and we worked very closely as the program and then department grew. Despite my being a new assistant professor, Henry always treated me as an equal. He was brilliant and I enjoyed discussing research with him. He was also wise and kind, and I have wonderful memories of all our years together.

Diane Lim

Lovely photos — this is Diane, Sunny & Henry’s niece. Love to you all.

Cynthia Le

Very touching photos.

Norris Turner

I was PhD classmates with Carol and Tom at UCSF. Carol and I were absolute best buddies through graduate school.  My wife, Denise, and I have stayed in distant touch with Tom and Carol over the years.  My thoughts are prayers are with the family. It was a beautiful service and tribute.

John Rogers

Thank you for inviting me David. Your dad was so easy to talk to, it was always fun and interesting. Just like you, my friend.

Karla Tapia

We are friends of Carol, Tom, Lanie and Natalie. We are sending our deepest condolences to your entire family. With love, Karla and Effie.

James and Jeanine Hahn

Second cousin to Sunboo

Szu Wang

Professor Lim was one of the senior faculty members of our department when I joined UCI.  I will always appreciate his wisdom, support, and kindness.

Jung-Ah Lee

We are neighbors of Dr. Lim and Mrs. Lim. Mrs. Lim was a compassionate music teacher for my sons Andy and Danny. we will miss them forever.

Che Koog Yoo and Jung-Ah Lee

You both will be forever in our thoughts. You will be sorely missed.

You will always be in our hearts and will never be forgotten. Lots of love.

Andy Yoo

Dear Mrs. Lim,

Thank you for encouraging and helping me improve as a musician. All the memories with you, from practicing for All-Southern, to passing the All-State audition will be cherished and remembered throughout my entire life. I will always appreciate the help you have given me, as well as your kindness and support.

Danny Yoo

Thank you Mrs. Lim, for being a great viola and violin teacher for my brother and me.

Valerie Dunbar Jones

David is my dear friend from Purdue, where we worked on the newspaper together. I know Dr. Henry and Sunny only through their extraordinary son, who is a magnificent tribute to their intelligence, humor, wit, talent and discernment.

Dan Cheatham and Lynn Sullivan

Tom’s and Carol’s brother and sister-in-law. Beautiful tribute we pray for your strength , thanks for sharing so many memories – so proud of all of you!

Patrick Fox

David is my friend from UCI grad school.  I came to know the family over the years and then became neighbors with Henry and Sunny later.  I look back fondly on the many backyard barbecues, Thanksgivings and just dropping by to visit.  My deepest condolences to the family.

Hwang Family

Soojin Hwang, in attendance with Misop Song (wife of Kwang Ho Lee, older brother to Sun Boo Lee), with husband, Chris, and three children, Olivia, Ian, and Lex. Condolences to the Lim family.

Jennifer Winter Bernert

We are JP and Jenn and our children Sebastien and Elijah. David is a dear dear friend and we are honored to be here. That was beautiful. Thank you.

Steve Cheatham and  Ruth Morgenstein

Ruth and Steve here from Boston area.  Steve is Tom’s brother. This was a beautiful device and tribute.  May their memories be a blessing.

Betsy Liley

Betsy Liley in Vermont – I got to know David on the Purdue student newspaper. David, some of those newspaper friends and I have gathered virtually each Saturday during the pandemic. Mrs. Lim joined us one night; she was so engaging and just as David described her. I feel honored to hear your beautiful tributes during this memorial. My deepest sympathies.

Sangtae Kim

Thank you for all the great memories of Henry and Sunny Lim, Sangtae Kim on behalf of Prof. Lim’s colleagues at Purdue chemical engineering school.

Dai Sup, Jill, Karah, and Caleb Han

Sending love from Dai Sup, Jill, Karah and Caleb

Katie Pearce

So grateful to participate in such a beautiful memorial. Henry and Sunny were so kind and thoughtful to my son. Sending love and light to the whole family.

John Lee

John Lee from Waltham, MA.  Nephew to Sun Boo Gomo and Uncle Henry.  Love you both so much.

Ami and Debbie

 Such beautiful tributes, to such wonderful people. It was a privilege to be neighbors in Irvine for thirty years.

Youngrin Kim and Tien Kim

Nephew to Sun Boo. This was a wonderful memorial.  Thank you for sharing your memories, we love you guys and miss Sun Boo and Henry dearly.

Cynthia Le Suong

It’s a very sweet, soft, and uplifting piece

Michelle Park

Rest in peace Sun Boo unni and Henry hyungboo.

Karen Brittain

I appreciated the authenticity of what people shared.  I was impressed by the strength you all showed.  The original piece of music was beautiful and powerful with the abrupt ends… mimicking the silence and devastation of loss.  I am grateful to have shared in this as Carol’s friend.  It was genuine and lovely.

Cynthia Le Suong

May Henry and Sun Boo find much happiness in heaven as they did on earth.

Paulette Niles

Wonderful tribute and memorial service for your parents.  May God comfort each of you in the upcoming days.


Aunt Sunboo, you still in my great memories. See you in the heaven soon. Kwangok from Korea

Niki Han Schwarz

Rest In Peace uncle Henry and Sunboo Emo!! We love and miss you!!

Christine Hahn

Thank you all for sharing your love and memories.  Praying for comfort and peace during this time of deep loss and sadness.

Heijin and Dean

Heijin is the daughter of Sunboo Gomo’s youngest brother, Myung Ho, and the youngest cousin of David, Carol, and Mike on the Lee side. Thank you for this beautiful memorial.  Thinking of my cousins and nieces – love you all. Looking forward to the day we can all be together and comfort each other in person.

Frank and Kimberly Shi

Rest in peace Henry and Mrs. Lim. May God bless you all.

Danielle Berger

Prayers and love from our family to yours.

Chels and Christine Chae

Henry 형 and Sunboo 누나, we rejoice in your lives of service and love for not only your family but countless lives you’ve touched and made better.  Your legacy is in your children and grandchildren.  God bless you all – David, Carol and Michael.  Christine and I love you and send our love.

Yoomi and SoonMi Han

It was beautiful service!! 

Henry Kin

Thank you Lim family for the beautiful service. Godspeed & God bless. Psalm 27:1.

Jin Ha Lim

우리도 큰아버지 큰어머니 항상 기억하겠습니다. It was wonderful memorial service. May rest them in peace and give them eternal rest.