Diane Lim is Henry and Sunny’s niece.

I have fond memories of growing up knowing Uncle Henry and Auntie Sunny from the very start, and especially of the time Jan and I got to stay with them and David and Carol and Mikey while our parents went on a big trip abroad (I forget where, maybe Europe?). It was summertime and the first time we were allowed to play barefoot in the street and eat watermelon slices by hand! And whole cucumbers that we would sprinkle salt on and eat like they were already pickles! Jan and I felt so liberated but also realized we had been living a rather sheltered life owing to our mom’s cautious nature.

It meant so much when Uncle Henry and David came to my mom’s memorial service in 2017 after she had suddenly passed, and since my dad hadn’t seen Henry in a really long time. And when my sis and niece Chloe and I traveled with my dad to CA in 2018, it was great to see my dad reunite with both Henry and Sunny at their Irvine home and to be around both Carol and her daughters and David.